due diligence and m&a support: case study

we have deep domain expertise, can respond rapidly, and provide M&A advice

capability:due diligence and m&a support

We validate data and provide advisory support to assist investment decisions. For example we provide data room due diligence and M&A support, and advice to clients.


Due diligence is a vital requirement when acquiring, investing, divesting or providing project finance. It is important to have an independent 3rd party technical/commercial view on the assets and associated risks.

value driver

Our experience with complex reservoirs, offshore projects, remote locations, mega-projects, production development, contractor alliances, and valuations, enables us to provide critical advisory support.


Our full range of due diligence services give our customers a better understanding of risks and risk mitigations which help them make investment decisions with confidence.


Providing accurate evaluation which requires an understanding of exploration and appraisal, concept development through to project management, installation and operation and decommissioning including fiscal terms & commodity price forecasts.

io approach - critical to success:


  • resources / reserves and production verification and / or independent opinion
  • capex, opex, HSE and decommissioning costs
  • economic modelling including fiscal terms & commodity price forecasts

commercial analysis

  • business plan, contractual, identification of synergies and growth
  • risk analysis

deal structuring

  • financing options and commercial options
  • consortia and partners

post merger / deal integration

  • asset Integration – cost reduction & production improvement
  • field development management
  • near field reserve growth

actions taken

  • set out methodology and approach to provide due diligence services with great importance placed on customer engagement, multidisciplinary collaboration, data validation, authentication and evaluation approach