advisory: case study

LNG supply options

proposed Mediterranean regasification project in a changing global LNG market


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A Government entity considered the introduction of natural gas to the power sector to reduce costs of generation. The purchase of imported natural gas is therefore required.

value driver

An integrated, experienced team of technical and commercial LNG experts with a clear understanding of the study objectives and proven project experience of similar such studies.


Definition of a clear roadmap, implementation plan and risk register for the screening, selection & execution of the optimal interim regasification project until indigenous natural gas is available.


Based on the analysis of the various options of LNG supplies, the objective was to identify and propose a project, an appropriate process and a timetable for the timely supply of gas to market the before 2020. The proposed project includes the definition of the necessary infrastructure, commercial structure and sources of financing.

io approach

  • to identify the client’s value drivers and associated risks from the kick-off meeting
  • identify gas market size requirements and define the LNG contracting strategy options
  • base technical concept screening and selection on the initial findings from the preceding domestic demand and international LNG market forecast work
  • proposed project definition as an output from the option screening process and present to the client and other project stakeholders at an interim meeting


actions taken

  • set out a detailed description of the methodology and approach to execute the scope of services with an emphasis on the specific tasks, critical issues, data requirements and task outputs
  • utilised the Ghana 2016 LNG Imports Feasibility Study to illustrate experience of successfully delivering comparable high quality projects to international standards