about io

at the heart of everything we do is delivering greater certainty and higher decision quality

Collaborating with you in a creative and innovative way, we aspire to be your trusted advisor. By working with you we will always start with the end in mind to protect project value and deliver the project that meets your key drivers and goals, ensuring the value we help you to identify, can be delivered.

There are 5 key components to how we help deliver greater certainty for our clients, all grounded in ‘starting with the end in mind’. Looking at opportunity realisation holistically, we use our fully integrated team and disrupting traditional industry approaches by:

1. collaborating with you

We work with you, on your side, to get the best outcome by bringing experience and insights gained from working with a cross section of clients on a diverse set of projects.

We understand the right business case is one that integrates strategic, commercial and technical frames. We bring all of these skills to collaborate with you in an integrated way, evaluating opportunities holistically.

2. reducing uncertainty on:

  • feasibility
  • cost
  • schedule
  • scope
  • environmental issues
  • safety & risk
  • execution strategy
  • constructability
  • installability
  • market understanding
  • financing
  • commerciality
  • abandonment & decommissioning

3. implementing the io way

An approach founded on decision quality and our integrated strategic-techno-commercial expertise, we start with the end in mind to shape options around the value drivers that are important to you and your stakeholders.

We believe in “decision dialogue”; continuous high value discussions with you and all of your key stakeholders to keep the project aligned and on track.

4. maximising value

Maximising value by minimising total cost of ownership, we do this through:

  • innovation
  • creativity
  • technology application
  • digital transformation using:
    • IIoT
    • Predix
    • asset performance management
    • digital twins

5. leveraging Baker Hughes and McDermott expertise in early

Our parents’ know-how, knowledge and expertise is hard coded into our DNA and we embed them, if appropriate, into our teams translating their know-how in a phase appropriate way.

io’s approach is integrated and comprehensive, ensuring a balance between commercial, technical and strategic priorities.


  • monetisation options
  • what “project” can be supported by the resources / reserves
  • PSC or Royalty and tax?
  • what payment models work? leased, capex, deferred payment?


  • what are the company drivers?
  • value? speed to monetise? something else?
  • how does the political frame shape the project eg local content, domgas before LNG?
  • duty holder or non-operator?


  • facilities and subsurface worked together
  • cost estimating, schedule etc. validated by McDermott / Baker Hughes
  • technology as an enabler and access to GE Store

why choose io?

We are a new entity bringing a fresh and innovative approach. Nimble, fast, responsive and easy to do business with, our main goal is to build a long term trusting relationship with you by demonstrating we can do great high value work.

We bring new ways of working and ideally want to collaborate closely with you by:

  • an approach rooted in “delivering greater certainty”
  • embedding a digital thread early
  • bringing a fully integrated team approach
  • systems thinking
  • starting with the end in mind; we focus our work on what success looks like for you
  • helping achieve higher decision quality on the choices you make in the face of uncertainties

being backed by Tier 1 parents in McDermott and Baker Hughes, you can be sure:

  • we have developed techniques, tools and processes to embed our parents expertise into our front-end work so that you get insights from the execution / supplier side
  • what we propose can be delivered

we start with the end in mind,
find out where our capabilities lie